What does it mean to be in 30s

If you are in your 20s this is your future,

If you are in 30s, this is exclusively for you,

If you are in 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s this will remind you of an awesome phase of life.

From the diary of a 30-year-old – how amazing 30s are:

  • Time when learning in twenties start paying off in progressing really fast in career
  • No more affinity to buy music system, X-box, mobile phones, eyes are set on bigger dreams – Vacations, House of own and car of dreams


  • Time to enter in commitments, no more time for teen and twenties plays


  • Cute looks and perfect figures criteria is taken over by stable, mature and understanding partner
  • You don’t fight to get back cute or beautiful cheating partner, you dump them;sob a bit and move on
  • Hand holding, smiles, love letters are still welcomed but real hard action is need of the time


  • Not driven by teachers, parents and society – allowed to be free to follow your own heart and mind
  • Time to bring new life to world and enter into the club of parents. First time you understand the psychology of both – parents and child


  • Gossips about guys and gals are taken over by investment, children, school, career switch, promotions and married life crisis or happiness.
  • Time to realize that love and sex is important but only when time allows and there are other real important things.
  • Jeans and T-shirts are replaced by formal shirts, skirts, blazers, suits and trousers


  • Time to realize how awesome were the teachers but the boss really sucks
  • Parties replaced by social events


  • You no more make friends, you make colleagues and social connections
  • Lean, slim twenties body grows into a handsome muscular or beautiful full blossomed mature adult.
  • Your love-making skills are at artistic peak but now you miss the everlasting vigor of twenties. Wish you had these skills in your twenties.
  • You no more dream of fantasies, you can actually afford and experience it


  • A guy/girl turning into a capable, self-sustained MAN/WOMAN who is responsible for own choices and actions – you become trendsetter
  • Still confused but confusion is changed to what is my life goal, what do I really want to achieve, is it the right career, did I make the right choice?




If you agree 30s is really amazing, hit like and cheers!


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