A seasonal blogger who appear and disappear driven by mood storms. Just like blood circulates through our body to make it healthy and live, same way thought needs to be expressed, circulated and transformed with new leanings and maturity.

I feel like going through a journey of transformation when life teaches, punish, reward , love and test us. Probably all that happens is for a reason which is aimed towards the ultimate aim of our destined transformation and fulfilling the soul learning.

A majority of our Inner thoughts are personal and we can not easily share it around as we have a natural fear of finding us vulnerable. On the other hand confiding the thoughts to yourself will end up in suffocation and emotional blockages. In any case it needs to be released in a right way, right place and right time and “may be for a right reason”.

Best part I like about writing on e-blog space as Anonymous is to enjoy a medium of expression and sharing while keeping it private at the same time.

~ Cherish the simple things in life, they are most effective, bring the most happiness and extraordinary learning.

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