Know your spiritual health

In the perspective of knowing and not-knowing, there are two ways to live life:

  • By aligning our self to destiny and keep on doing whatever we feel like or situation allows
  • By establishing a connection with ‘inner self’ (or spirit or soul) and know what exactly ‘I ‘ am looking for?

Until we try to develop a connection to our self we live for physical, social and material goals which were taught to us by out belief system, culture, parents, education system and society, isn’t it?

We have passed school, college, job interviews, promotions, desired life partner, material assets and many other accomplishments but still there is a restlessness and blind run. Even after achieving so much most of us are in search of happiness, peace and still working hard on to achieve this one way or another.

If I score A grade I’ll be happiest or It’s my dream bike, I am so happy, If I get that Girl/Guy life will be changed with happiness for ever, That’s my dream Villa; my end goal and so on. We keep on achieving possessions one after another but happiness seems still far.

My understanding of Spirituality has taught me that most of us actually don’t what really want.

I stand for the deep core inner real self and spirituality is the journey to know our self better and better. Once we are in sync with our self then we automatically get to sync up with universe.

An interesting exercise, try asking these basic questions to yourself (not what your parent, society, friends and culture suggest) each carrying 10 marks and see how well you know inner self.

  1. What all things will make me happy and end my search for happiness?
  2. What makes me unhappy and low?
  3. What is/are the thing(s) I am most passionate about?
  4. What are my accomplishments or goals to be accomplished?
  5. Who are the most admired people in my life?
  6. How exactly I want to sculpt my body on my best look day (sync up workout goals with your soul) ?
  7. What concrete things I look for in my partner (like height, pretty face, kind heart etc. – but please keep the expectations to human achievable levels, superman/woman may need to be ordered)?
  8. What kind of family I want (size, nuclear or joint, values)?
  9. How much money (exact figure) I want to earn before I retire?
  10. How I want to love and how I want to be loved by my partner?

Result may surprise us how unclear we are about the goals we are chasing already and this may present a completely new perspective about seeing the life.

All the best and looking forward to see your comments/score !



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