Passenger – a short story (real)

He was in mid twenties, single and far away from his place. He just got a job in NY and every morning used to commute through a metro feeder bus followed by metro train to his office. It was the 3rd day on the bus stop when he took notice of tall, attractive, dusky and sharp-eyed beautiful girl (she was 20 or 21). Actually she too used to catch bus on the same route, two stops next to him.

Their eyes met again and again but nobody exchanged smiles or Hi. It kept on going for weeks. Time passed from September to December and it was snow all over, for one week he used his friend’s car to commute to office and after five-day when he reached bus stop, he heard a sweet voice. 

She: Hey, How are you?

He: I am good, thanks and you?

She: Why were you not coming to bus stop, I thought you’ve left United States or moved somewhere?

He: No, I was using my friend’s car last whole week!

They exchanged names and locations (she was from California studying & working in NY)

She: So, is he gone? Will you come to bus stop now?

He: Yes, no other alternative!

Suddenly bus arrives and they both sat together for the first time. It became a habit by each passing day. The feeling to go to office has a new motivation now, every morning was like a fresh ray of hope meeting that special stranger along with rapid heartbeat and butterflies in stomach –  a bus date.

One day in bus she hold her hand, gazed into his eyes as if she dived deep into his heart and nothing is remained to hide. That day exchanged so many special memories about her childhood and how she miss him when he does not come to bus stop, it was Friday.

Unfortunately snow-storms were frequent that month and he had to take lift from friend for another entire week. After one week he reached that stop, his eyes were searching her everywhere but no luck. He did not have her phone number, address or any other clue, he waited for her during his entire stay of 1 year but never got the chance to see that special co Passenger again. 

Don’t know what to call it, how to name it – but that Passenger will always remain live in his memories ….


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24 thoughts on “Passenger – a short story (real)

  1. It was lovely reading it. I was just looking for something such, sweet and short to read. Heart goes out to that lovely passenger, may she dwell in the best of everything. And life is sometimes so unfair, we meet, we like, we familiarize, we distance.. we forgo..

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    • Your comment itself is no less lovely and sweet than the story itself. Thank you so much 🙂 . Less words, real & honest things works for everyone, this is my belief while I write. Do share your feedback on other/future posts, would love to hear!

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