Always heard and believed people grows older with age until observed your gorgeous face which keeps getting younger with each passing day of age, Your eyes shine with energy of experience, awareness and knowledge; penetrating rather piercing me through the eyes until deep down in body and soul, Your alcoholic words have effect of dark…

Need advice

Real life situation … When you mistakenly find your flatmate underwear in laundry bag thinking it is yours while doing the laundry and later looking at exact same two underwears of same number, color and brand…. How to identify yours..What will you do in such situation, any idea to enlighten the confused mind? PC: likecool

Broken connection

If you keep thinking about them everyday that…….. how good life is without them, how relieved you are in their absence, how much you are in control of life after forgetting them, how much you hated them, how good the days were then until they were mistaken, then in reality… you are actually not at…

Succumbed finally

Despite so hard to resist your penetrating eyes and physical beauty, I fought level best until you finally forced me to succumb when you successfully weakened my resistance and seduced my mind & soul with the weapon of your art and hypnotizing words! Are you a lover, player or killer? PC:

Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

A question to all those who use toothbrush: Have you ever experienced (half awake half sleepy while witnessing the sunrise & welcoming another lovely day) that mistakenly the toothbrush you just used was somebody’s else or may be you found your toothbrush already wet and you doubt if somebody else used it?   Which situation will you…