Broken connection

If you keep thinking about them everyday that……..
how good life is without them,
how relieved you are in their absence,
how much you are in control of life after forgetting them,
how much you hated them,
how good the days were then until they were mistaken,
then in reality…
you are actually not at peace with yourself,
you are trying hard to hide the pain of missing them,
you are not in control of life and pain is not yet released
your awareness is all about missing them,


or may be you are running away in denial that….
probably the fault was yours,
still how much they mean to you,
it has been a never-ending struggle to live in restlessness and frustration,
trying to be happy without them,

It is like an incomplete painting wait for its artist to give a face and fill colors,

or its like loving them to the addiction….may be even more!

What do you think?


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