Trip to Toronto

After a month of hectic life and chaotic settling-in to a new place, finally got some time to start exploring and feel the culture and heritage of Canada on the occasion of Thanksgiving weekend.

It was none other than Ontario’s capital Toronto – beautifully architected downtown  with soaring skyscrapers and an even taller CN tower. I found the place full of iconic sky touching buildings, well maintained parks, harbour port, convenient transportation  in quite a safe and amiable surroundings.

Some of the glimpses for travel lovers –

Royal Bank Plaza – 14000 windows, covered with around 70 KG of 24 carat gold coating for heat insulation



Fairmont Royal York Luxury Hotel



Sky touching CN Tower – Where ever you go, CN Tower will be around you 🙂IMG_20171008_161708618

Port Harbour



Skyscrapers forming a skylineIMG_20171008_171311366

Happening Dundas square



Classic architecture samples – view from Nathan Squarep7p11

Though the shots were taken from my ordinary mobile but still real beauty speaks for itself! Hope you enjoyed, Happy Thanksgiving!

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