My first travel to Canada

It is been more than a month since I posted last time. Life has been really fast and I had to travel to Canada. Actually this was not a mere trip, I am going to stay here for a while on a work assignment. Being overwhelmed with changes in all aspect of life after coming so far from my homeland, I could not even think of blogging.

I hope you are doing fine and I’ll read and catch up with your blog post in some peace time. I missed my fellow blogger friends and their creative posts, just in case if you’ve missed me too then don’t hesitate to tell me. I feel good when somebody says I missed you 🙂 😛

This is my first travel to Canada and being in a long-term assignment it brought so many changes in my life. Initially I was charged up to visit a new place and first week was full of energy and experiences. Though the day I left house, random thoughts filled my mind until I boarded on flight – tears of family members while saying bye, when will I get to see these roads, shops, delicious food, friends. All this occupied my mind as if I have left a piece of heart back at my place.

Slowly the charm of travelling to a new place settled down and also I recovered from Jet lag, I found few good food joints, a place to live.

But after completing one month, I realized deep down in heart I am missing my family, life and friends. May be because I have colleagues and society around but missing at least one close companion or friend, until that my restlessness will not find peace 😦 .

Seems like I have found a mighty Niagra fall inside me where emotions are flowing instead of water.

Have you been with such emotions?

One thought on “My first travel to Canada

  1. Once in a lifetime, we feel such emotions. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Somehow, It’s too heavy that we think we can’t carry. Such emotion will weigh us down to the point that we can’t get up from falling. But always remember that we have this power to stand on our feet.

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