India – history, sufferings and rise again


This is the celebration week of India’s 70th independence day. As we need a context to determine the weight associated with numbers – 70 as human age may be a significant number but 70 years age of a nation regained independence is a young number and that way india is still a teenager, a very bright one.

What today is known as India or Hindustan was originally known as Bharatvarsh for thousand of years. The most ancient civilization but historical tracks are available from 7600 B.C. in the form of documentation of Ramayana, Ram, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana.

Bharatvarsha is a nation which never attacked it neighbour nation for expansion – neither in terms of land, power or religion. It was actually a group of many independent small nations having their own kings and army. It was so prosperous that it used to be called as Golden Bird “Sone ki Chidiya”.

Things changed when world discovered India in the barbaric era of invasions, first attacked by Alexander 326 B.C, Yavanas (Greeks) 200 B.C but it did not hurt that bad.

Then came the Mughals Chengiz khan 1221 AD who conquered some small kingdoms near Indus river having one of the oldest civilization around. Followed by Mohammed Bin Qasim, Timur, Nadir Shah, Ahmed Shah Abdali and so on. The only inhabitant of Bharatvarsh/India known as Hindus were massacred literally for centuries, women were raped, money was looted, temples were destroyed or converted into Mosques. Many sacrificed their lives not succumbing to convert into a different religion while many accepted their fate to save their women and family.

And then came the british East India company who again colonized india for centuries bringing an end to Mughal era. Finally everybody joined hand together and in 1947 India got its Freedom. But in two parts as a big majority of Indian muslims realized that they cannot live together with Hindus as Islamic laws and Hindu belief do not gel well together – And Pakistan was born one day before India’s independence day. People were massacred in the name of religion – convert or die. After so many years of molestation, loot and barbarism, World had two new babies Hindustan (India) and Pakistan.

India chose to be a secular nation, equal opportunity for all religion, beliefs and practices. But people had their own insecurities because of their bitter experiences of 1000 years of colonization, brutalities and atrocities. This reflected in terms if corruption, power balance attempts in terms of riots. It is because of insecurities to survive they kept on breeding as many kids as possible for first few decades to earn votes and power considering India is a democracy – Winning by sheer majority without using power. But things have improved in last decades.

World need to know Hindu God Ram still does not have a temple in India at his birthplace as it was demolished and converted into Mosque during Mughal ruler Babur era. A country with majority of Hindus is still fighting the case in supreme court for decades for their very own lord as muslim claims the land for Mosque. In summary there is a lot of political hue and cry for wrong reason but things are really well at ground level. India is so secular that saying yourself Hindu label you communal but protecting Islam is right of minorities.

World will be surprised to know that 200 million Muslims (actually Hindus with no arabic roots) who are almost 20% of Indian population are referred to as minorities (they are actually the second Majority population) backed up by political parties for political vote bank mileage. Nobody talks about relatively small population of Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Jains, Parsis as they are negligible in terms of vote banks.

Political parties were not so naive, they knew really well how to leverage these insecurities, so they divided people into vote banks of religion, caste and rebels of other kinds and enjoyed long tenure in power. External invaders were replaced with internal one.

In the meanwhile India kept on progressing like a bright child providing world one of the largest pool of scientist, doctors, engineers, space research, 4 largest army in world 13 million soldiers, a nuclear nation, Bollywood, two times cricket world champion, top richest business people in world and a lot. In terms of languages it is so grainy that according to the 2001 Census recorded there are 30 languages which were spoken by more than a million native speakers and other 122 languages which were spoken by more than 10,000 people.

I belong to 2nd generation (only 2nd) of free India and India has achieved a lot though there is still a long way to go. It is always easy to judge by perception but only India and Indians know their journey. Things are changing fast in this country ruled by a single political party for almost 65 years and monopoly has its own side effects. Corruption, pseudo secularism, politically motivated caste, religion division, disparity, education, basic amenities are improving and India is growing fast. First time people have risen above petty caste, religion and chose a nationalist (some call it extreme nationalism) government and things are changing really fast and in right direction. Now spade is called a spade, people are tired up with sweet, shallow going-no-where words and leaving issues open – in that sense their a little bit of good intolerance which was much needed since the inception of the idea – INDIA. Better late than never.

Nothing wrong in World judging India, but fairness is in judging the accomplishments according to age and I am sure India will emerge out as a proud winner.

Happy 70th Independence Day to India and fellow Indians.


~ A proud Indian


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