Daily Post: Symphony In Life – Simple Tips (short)

You don’t have any direct control over future, destiny and so many unknowns which are continuously happening around without you being aware of it. But you definitely have control over surroundings – room, bed, cupboard, fridge, TV, study area etc. all placed in different section of your “home”.

For Instance, If you have confusion where are your misplaced keys or important documents are placed which you will need soon, then this reflection of unevenness will be growing deep in your inner-self as frustration without you being able to realize what is the source of this discord, fear, headaches, sleeplessness and restlessness.

Simple remedyJust rearrange where ever you see things wrongly placed, in disproportion and unevenness. Rearrange in a fashion you find it soothing to your heart and eyes. Give each physical area of home the flavor you want to see in your emotional life – romantic setup in bedroom, professional look to your office, warm welcoming look to your living area, bright and light color setup in study room, neat and naughty restrooms. 😀

As an amazing benefit you’ll realize the impact of this order in your surroundings is reflecting in your inner-self and you’re at peace. Your sleep, focus, concentration will improve. All worries, fear and frustration will start getting dissolved and you will be able to identifies and grab opportunities as never before.

Your inner-self is one part of universe which is meant to be taken care by you only, if you understand and accomplish it you will experience a heart soothing symphony in all dimensions of your life.


PC: FirstHouseBuilders, BedroomDesign

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