There used to live a big joint family in that small but popular town. Family had nine year old Andrew, his younger sister, parents along with grandfather,grandmother, paternal uncle, aunt and four cousin. Also there were around dozen of same age kids in neighborhood. Andrew was extremely naughty but a loving and mature eldest son of his parents and grandparents. 


Andrew was youngest of his cousins and neighbors. Like other children of his age, he too was observant and learning things seeing his elder cousins. They were all studying in good schools and were average performers. Soon came an age when his cousin sisters started participating in school competition events and winning those lovely golden trophies making their parents proud of their little achievements. He wanted to achieve similar compliments and praises from his elders, friends and siblings.

Rising Action

Andrew was firmly determined to achieve something to make her parents & grandparents proud of him just like his cousins.

First Attempt

He decided to participate in inter school color and sketching competition, prepared on various ideas and finally decided what to draw tomorrow in competition. He kept it as secret to his parents as he wanted to surprise them. His heart was beating faster when result was getting announced, he was neither 1st, 2nd or 3rd but he a special mention for creativity in consolation category. Unfortunately there was no trophy prize for that.

Second Attempt

His second talent was singing and there was an upcoming group singing contest and he decided he will give it a try. He practiced in group for one complete week and finally their group performed in various inter school events. This time they nailed it again – their group won first position. As it was too late in evening so school decided to distribute the prizes on next day. That whole night he could not sleep in excitement thinking how proud my parents will be seeing me with a trophy tomorrow. Next morning among hundreds of student in assembly area, Principal announcement the name of each group members amidst the thunder of clapping. It was a moment of super excitement until the prize distribution ended, everybody got the prize momento except him as his name was not called upon. He was filled with shock and agony. They dispersed from assembly and went to classroom and once again class teacher called everyone to black board along with their prizes. She called his name too, she noticed he is not carrying trophy.

She asked: Andrew, Where is your prize?

Composing himself Andrew replied with choked neck I was not called upon stage and I did not get that.

Teacher understood everything and she said I am so sorry seems like by mistake your name was missed. Let me bring the momento for you.

He silently wiped two tears of mixed emotions 😦 

After a few moments teacher came back to the class and said sincere apologies but all the trophies are already distributed. But I have two candies for you. Everything was ruined in his little world, there was no point in showing two candies to his parents and make them proud. He reached home, silently went to the roof, made sure nobody was there and then cried until no tear was left.


Third Attempt

Days passed but dream of making his parent proud was still alive and now it became his personal struggle. Next year same time of the year school announced similar singing contest – solo and group performance both. He decided to participate in both. This time they won 2nd prize in group performance and 1st prize in solo performance. Now he was pretty sure nothing can go wrong and moment to win trophy(es) is not really far. But as they say – NO ONE CAN GET ANYTHING BEFORE TIME AND MORE THAN LUCK, so this time school asked the organizers that instead of giving individual trophies to student, we will opt for monstrous school shield and as far as students are concerned we’ll give them the prizes ourselves. Next morning school distributed prizes – no it was not trophies, it was set of two pencils. Again same moments of agony and disappointment and he managed to hold for few minutes only before he dumped it to the dustbin.

Years kept on passing and time to time he kept on trying but could not win one single trophy.

Last Attempt

Now Andrew is a young handsome boy studying a post graduation degree at a far distant place from his hometown. Both the grandparents passed away. After college there won’t be any chance of winning the trophy. The result of first semester came out and he topped the entire university. There were all praises for him in college, city and his parents were so proud of him. But he wanted to get one single trophy to decorate in his home.

Then came the D-day when college planned a big event to appreciate the toppers of various streams. Andrew called up on his parents, he wanted them to witness that moment of pride. He had to receive two gold medals that day along with long awaited two trophies (by this ceremony he was topper for two times). While the cultural festival was on, that day some hooligans did drugs beyond their limits and threw beer bottles on stage. Suddenly there was a chaos all over the college and angry school management immediately cancelled the prize distribution ceremony and his dream remain unfulfilled that day and forever.



Thought he got that prize later along with scholarship in a silent classroom ceremony where he actually collected like a a mail from post office. There was no pride and satisfaction in that. Being mature and expert in handling disappointments this he did not feel low and cry for it. Rather last 15 years passed as a flash of fast forward movie, he smiled in and out reminding himself NO ONE CAN GET ANYTHING BEFORE TIME AND MORE THAN LUCK.

But Prizes and trophies will no more be able to bring happiness to him …. No, He is not sad or unhappy, he just doesn’t need it anymore!

Thank you so much for reading ❤ ❤

~ Real experience



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