United beat of Love and Lust

In response to Daily prompt:  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/lust/

He: I am really sorry for being so mean last night. I handled you really rough…don’t how come this madness of having you took over all my senses and understanding of right and wrong. I’ll make sure this will not happen again.

She: Shhhhh…..Can you please do it again, I am still trying to come out of that ecstasy!

Love in your heart need no proof but that cannibalistic lust and craving to take me in your eyes is still on my mind. I want to see it again and again. This sweet pain and bite marks are reminding me how desired and indispensable I was for you during the moment when you were writing an erotic poem on my flesh.

I feel powerful seeing my beauty and youth surfaced out the animal in you. I never felt more satisfied and desired. Also, those chocolates, gifts and roses were really pretty but you know I liked these lovely lusty bites, bruises and sweet pain more  ❤ 😉  ❤


Only a united beat of love and lust is capable of creating the ecstasy


PC: Notable quotes, PINTEREST


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