Shallow Breath Of Love

When you see me having

  • Rapid fiery shallow breath with fingers curled into fist and clenched jaw, understand that my anger has taken over me
  • Suffocating & restricted shallow breath with wet eyes, understand that I am drowned in guilt and sadness
  • rapid continuous shallow breath with heightened awareness , understand that I am fighting with my fears
  • When I am sitting with closed eyes and meditating, my face is calm and glowing and breathing really shallow that is the moment when I overcome anger, guilt, fears and I am in bliss.

And when we are in cuddle,

feeling the heightened ecstasy of your soft silky skin,

making me lose all my awareness while looking in your inviting eyes,

when I lose the senses if this is dream or reality,

wondering which of those criss-cross lines in my palm made be lucky to have you as partner in this moment,

I can feel our intermingled breath become so shallow yet powerful ….

& that is the moment when I am in bliss of love.


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