Creation of Monster Kingdom

Use Power to enjoy sinful luxuries; justify the evil deeds by devil’s logic,

Make everyone succumb to your will – either by love, bribe or by power,

Leave no room for questions or arguments, choice is – accept or die,

enslave their body and soul to the core – eyes won’t see, mind won’t argue, ear won’t hear,

Inject fear filled heart with heart pleasing words to prevent any revolt,

use brain washed slaves to expand the territories and annihilation,

reward them with limitless power and sinful luxuries,

repeat, repeat and repeat the same for years, decades and centuries,

while writing your own history in your words and glorify the sins till they become pious,

feed this history in mind of next generations and let the time pass on.

This is how some things are created ย …….. self-cultivating, long-lasting and monstrous.




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