Mystery hidden behind those eyes

That day was a lot of fun for him in that small village in desert while dancing, food, boozing, making friends and cultural participation,

he did not realize when the day passed and changed into midnight,

no lifts, no conveyance and no internet,

unknown place, unknown culture and desert meeting dark sky till infinity,

he kept on walking miles after miles and drinking his whiskey to fight fear of getting lost,

till he fell unconscious in the lap of dessert, near a village he could not reach,

it was 3 AM when he opened eyes and saw a women with face gracefully hidden in veil,

all he could see was her beautiful penetrating eyes, 

as if they were asking his submission, challenging his manhood – naughty, sharp, deep and confident as if saying – How long can you face my eyes?

As if she wanted to see if he will be able to handle a mere look at her beauty.

Uncomfortable and nervous he asked her who brought him here?

she replied by hand actions conveying she is  mute,

he could not take his eyes off her eyes which were so mysterious, hypnotizing and indicating stories of lifetime,

engaging, beautiful and hypnotic,

but he could not collect the courage to gaze and she understanding her discomfort left the room indicating seems like you need rest,

Next morning he left the place but she was still in veil,

He could not see her face, figure, hairstyle – all the recipes of liking someone in urban setup,

It was only eyes to see and remember, he still see those beautiful eyes in dreams challenging him and his heart can not find peace being restless and wandering. He wants to know about the hidden mysteries behind those eyes and what could have happened if would have submitted himself to her.



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