Relived the first crush

Its been ages when today I accidentally happened to cross this gate again, this triggered a Deja Vu deep inside me – like an action replay of our childhood. I could not resist those memories of our childhood to put on an innocent child like smile on my face.

It brought back all those memories, how I fell in love with you when I did not even know the meaning of love 🙂 ,

How intentionally I used to throw my cricket ball beyond your gate, only to have an excuse to enter inside the high walls of your house to catch a glimpse of you smiling at me.
You have no idea how fast my heart beats were that time that I could even hear the blood pulsing in my veins specially outer ears. The most lovely moment was when somebody told you about how much I like you and after knowing this I was really afraid and embarrassed to face you. When I saw you coming my way, I turned back to walk away with mixed feelings but then you called me, pulled my cheeks and said – You are looking so handsome today, do you have the time to play badminton with me?

Your smile, my smile,  our heart beats, intense eye gaze, sunset & everything else truly harmonized that moment.

And then my family had to relocate to a different city and we never got to see each other but while crossing this gate today I realized you still occupy a very special place in my childhood memories.


Sunday Scrawl#2


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