Lollipop – meaning changes with age

Lollipop – I have very embarrassing memory related to this word.

I was an innocent but naughty kid with a highly observant and curious attitude about anything and everything around. Just like every other kid Lollipop was my favorite too. There was a new movie release in my city and guess the name – LOLLIPOP. Of course you can guess the genre too – A. I liked everything about that grand scale advertisement – The beautiful cat-eyed aunt, her nail polish, lipstick and moreover she was so thoroughly enjoying a Lollipop too.

So I went to my Father and conversation was like this:

Me: Dad, Its been a long since I have seen a movie, there is a superb movie released this week. I want to see this, please!

Dad: Ok, which movie is this?

Me: Lollipop, it is an awesome movie. All my friends have already seen it. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ (a bluff from my side which did not work)

Dad: !@!#$#$%^%^&%&^&^*&*(&(((*)(*)))()#$#$#$#$#$#$$#$

From that moment and till few days later, I was made to study like donkey for some 4 hours each day and my playtime was cancelled too 😦 . And Irony is that I was not even aware what wrong have I done.

I absolutely hated this word Lollipop.


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