Journey of Mortals

Mortals sprung out of soil as a passenger to experience a journey,
Journey they call as Life,
Life’s end goal – only to give themselves back to the soil,
Soil in our body and soul as composition,
Composition worked upon by Life as Potter,
Potter who shaped us into what we are as a creation,
Creation which is unique, own experiences and with a purpose in the process,
Process through hands of potter – sometimes too harsh, sometimes so soft.
Let not the situations dry up our soil and breaking us into pieces,
Keep trust on Potter’s skillful hands and adapt the life as-is to be his special art,
the more he will work on us,
Stronger, finer and beautiful we will grow into.

5 thoughts on “Journey of Mortals

  1. We were created by God. He molded us, and He has in his heart what he wants to make out of us. Let seek him and his vision for our life so that his glorious destiny for our life can manifest.

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