Can a boy and girl be just besties?

Sara and Adam were new to the college. As it was a reputed college with a popular professional course, hundreds of boys and girls took admission from all over the country, introducing themselves and making friends with their like-minds.

There was an intrinsic appeal which brought Sara and Adam together as a companion and confidant, soon they were the couple best known for their friendship and maturity. They used to take care, protect and stand for each other whenever there was a crisis. It was pure, honest friendship and nothing beyond this like love and other complicated things.

Based on a general belief in society that a girl and boy can not be just friends, guys and girls jealous of their friendship and fond of gossiping started spreading rumour that they are seeing and dating each other. But they laughed at them, remained clear and unaffected along with their close group of friends. All of them were really clear that it is just a great friendship.

Only one month passed and Adam fell in love at first sight with Daisey in college. She was the most beautiful, kind and popular girl in the college. Adam shared the secret with his best friend Sara and she along with other close friends congratulated and teased Adam for bitten by love bug. Purity of intentions and clarity of approach paid off, soon the Adam won the love of his life – Daisey.

Daisey never realized this feeling of love in her life before, she loved Adam to  the extent that every time Adam used to travel out-of-town on vacations or some other purpose, she could not stop her tears until Adam comes back. It was common sight to see her swollen eyes. Whatever belonged to Daisey it was Adam’s including she herself and vice versa. They were not boyfriend/girlfriends or lovers; in fact from the very first moment of togetherness they could sense connections of so many lives, they had no questions left and they treated each other as their halves for rest of the life, they even planned the names of their future babies. Their was no expectation to receive, their love was all about giving unconditionally.

Few months passed on happily, until differences happened between Adam and Daisey and it turned into worse to the extent that they stopped talking to each other. But true love is strong and their story did not mean to end like this. They both could not resist the urge to go back to their love and when cleared out they found it was Sara who planted this controversy. But Adam did not want to create a controversy so he decided not to create a scene but for future he decided not to trust Sara or anyone with blind eye.

It was a festive season everybody was going home on 2 week vacations and Adam and Sara had the same train route to their hometowns and Sara brought up an interesting conversation.

Sara: Adam, I have a typical situation and I need your help.

Adam: Yes, Tell me what is wrong?

Sara: Alex is my neighbor, my brothers best friend and favorite of my parents since our childhood. He has proposed me couple of times during last few year and I’ve always refused. You know, he is choice of my parents too. He will also catch this train from next stop to convince me again to marry him.

Adam: Is he going to trouble you? Is he a bad guy? How educated is he? Is he working or studying?

Sara: He is a cool guy, he will never trouble me. I just feel uneasy somebody proposing or convincing me. I just feel like friend for him and nothing more than that.

Adam: If he is a cool guy and your childhood friend, you can tackle the matter. What are you looking from me?

Sara: Don’t get angry but I have created a mess.

Adam: What?

Sara: I have told him you are my boyfriend and we love each other.

Adam: Fuckkk, but why? That is a such a big lie, we are friends – best friends.

Sara: Please help me, please. Its just a matter of few hours and lie is over. You have to do it for me.

Adam: No, I can’s say I am your boyfriend when I am already somebody else’s love.

Sara: Why again you brought Daisey,  this is between two best friends? OK you don’t need to tell Alex anything. All you need to do is please don’t deny anything too.

Next Stop Alex catches the train and after formal introduction, soon they are became friends and time passed really fast. It was time for Adam to drop at the next station.Adam left his seat and was watching out the distance left, he realized someone behind his back and it was Alex.

Alex: I must confess something. I hated you a lot. You know I am in love with Sara since my childhood and we were close friends. She joined this college and after that I only words I hear from her is Adam, Adam and Adam. Yesterday she told me that she is madly in love with you. Today after meeting you I realized, how lucky she is, you are such an amazing person. Do you love her the same way?

Adam: It was a pleasure meeting you. No comments on my personal matter, you can ask this question to your friend Sara. Take care and see you again my friend. Best wishes!

Love was so complicated that day Alex loved Sara, but Sara loved Adam, Adam and Daisey loved each other. There remained a big confusion in air –

  • Can a girl and boy be best friend without falling in love?
  • What should be the ideal end of this story?

If you have been reading this far, share your opinion on this question. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Can a boy and girl be just besties?

    • Glad and at the same thank you for visiting, reading and sharing your comment. Matters of heart ❤ are complex and jumping to conclusion so fast could be risky and dangerous for future life. 🙂 😉

      You missed one aspect before coming to conclusion and actually it was writers fault as narrating a story from one angle only result in hiding other dimensions of it. May be after going through Daisey's side of story (paragraph#5), you may have some difference in opinion.


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