Some memories cannot be buried


He was in twenties, young, ambitious and full of youthful energy when he joined that professional course. First time he was away from his family, just like a tiny bird learn to fly and sees the beauty of infinite sky. Whole batch of college girls were crazy about him.

She was 17, one of the most beautiful damsel, best dancer, excellent singer and all boys were crazy after her.

Love at first sight

Soon they have a college function where all girls and boys were interacting each other and doing all fun stuff people of their age do, in summary this was one hot event of youthful energy.

This was the first time he saw that 17-year-old damsel, who was dancing like a charm, she caught her eyes, mind and heart. That one moment passed like a flash and he was absolutely sure he is bitten by bug of love. Probably the intensity of his eyes was really strong and she did not take long to notice him standing very far and same moment with that gaze she also fell in love. Probably they  had a connection of past many lives, that one moment was just meant to bring them together. They both were so sure about it despite having crazy girls and boys mad after them.

Time to be in long distant

It was so very destined that they never look, with each passing month and year, they came close as if they are other half of each other. There came the time to fall apart in different cities, different challenges and different ideal companions. But nothing was able to move them an inch and they lived for each next 10 years in a long distant relation. Distance actually made their heart grow fonder. Finally they were able to establish them in amazing jobs and got married finally!!

Lived happily ever after?

Not really, after initial beautiful years materialism took over the emotions, sacrifices and priorities. They were opposite poles in terms of material, emotional and ambitious goals They could not realize when did the attraction between opposite poles turned into repulsion of indifference, selfishness and ego. So much so, they decided to part their ways and one night the sweet home was to fiery blaze of anger and incompatibility like a volcano. And they both decided to bury the lovely cards, letters, small mementos which kept them together in all ups and downs of life. Time came who will bury first and what –

  • He: You do first!
  • She: Why me, you wanted to do, right?
  • He: When we are separating, why this affinity? Come on
  • She: Yes I’ll do, but you first. I want to see how you do it!
  • ……….

Conversation went on but nobody could bury those love mementos each one filled with so much energy of love which wiped all the differences and negativity around. Needless to say, it again turned into same sweet home and romance was all over in the air.


No situation can really bury the pure, sweet and beautiful memories of past, they mean to stay along till you breathe last… heart



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