Quill touch

midst of heavy rush in morning metro,

I sensed a soft touch on my back giving me goosebumps,

turned back and looked around and realized it is nothing but my imagination,

it started happening often; almost every day – sometimes on back, neck and so many places,

then for 3 days I stopped sensing this,

On 4th day I felt a strong touch on neck and when I turned back,

I was able to recognize her pretty face and penetrating eyes,

then I realized whenever I felt this quill touch,

first thing I noticed every time was her penetrating eyes,

tailing me without getting noticed,

when she did not come I stopped feeling that touch,

She is reason behind it and this is how I fell in love with her seducing quill touch….. 


14 thoughts on “Quill touch

    • Yes it can be any form of energy – angels, haters, lovers and so on. Probably our inner self give us hints and some people hear them clearly other just ignore…. just a matter of belief and awareness.


      • funny – I said angels, but I really meant that the light – do you remember that show Medium – based off the true life of Allison Dubois? She called them her guides and that some of us are more “in tune” to them than others. There are things I’ve known, that I could have possibly known in my life. These are those kind of moments. I believe that’s them being present and surrounding me. Those are moments I become more aware.

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  1. That awkward moment when he tells you he uses local and you now know you have to study hard to make your own mark ๐Ÿ˜“
    BTW even I use localโ€ฆbut mine are not at all crowded ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  2. What is your obsession with that place ? Haha
    Never in my life I have been to this place….in fact I heard this name for the first time in my life


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