Absolutely Not an attempt to spit out the gross feelings,

which I can always afford being anonymous,

just wondering why sex and talking about it is a taboo?

despite this being the foundation of chemistry, biology and love-o-logy?

May be an ancient social fear intentionally build to control population or

to avoid bloody conflicts between ancient tribal groups for mad in love couples or

to promote monogamy in society or

to educate man to control cannibalistic instincts and reduce crime or

and make woman safe and secure of encounter against will,

Whatever it was, modern-day society is reasonably advanced, considerate and civilized now,

with the exception animals are not going to be changed in any era,

when food, thought, smell, touch all can be expressed,

then why sex still remains a taboo, is it really a sin?

Talking about sex often become a controversy,

or society start judging about your character,

they look down as a lowly insect,

without even thinking for once, how did they themselves born?

It was not a Genie wish, nor God blessed their mother’s lap with a while light,

if sex was a sin, they all are the outcome of that sin and all are sinners – each one and no one is an exception,

even the best of role models among us,

if you love writing about erotica or passion or love or romance – people may like or dislike based on their choice but nobody has the right to belittle you or judge your character. Only people who can judge are the ones who are not the byproduct of intercourse and who will never think about and do it! Moreover they should not have a crack in their ass. πŸ˜€

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7 thoughts on “Taboo

    • Ofcourse everybody has a personal choice, though intent in article is about treating it as a taboo and that too when everybody has it on mind – may be a hypocrisy or social fear og getting judged.


  1. Guys feel strong after it girls feel weak.
    I don’t want to do anything that makes me go weak unless I get government involved (marriage)
    I will take all his money if he leaves me / divorce πŸ˜‚


  2. I agree, I love sex, I think it’s beautiful, it’s how my and my other half show each other that we love each other, it feels fantastic and is fun. It’s the best hobby I can think of and I talk about it freely which can make some people uncomfortable but I think there’s nothing to be shy about, we all do it!! Xx

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    • Thanks for sharing your view, I share the same opinion. But as you mentioned it can make some people uncomfortable, sometime I wonder why do they get uncomfortable with such an obvious thing! πŸ™‚

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