Carrying the load of past experiences created a castle of doubts and escapism,
She try to swing and sail on the waves of her feminism through art of words,
each time struck by her stubborn false maturity,
until she resist to understand –  seed has to be changed to get a different fruit,

after all there is no life in sailing like a boat in still lake,
Fun is to be free, wild, mean and be mad like sea,
making love like a violent sea storm,
then only two souls can sail through each other creating a blazing current of confluence,
cleaning the negativity of past to set them free, young and wild like a couple experiencing first love – when they don’t make love, love make them.


15 thoughts on “Sail

    • I don’t know what to say, if this is what you want to announce the world, Cool. But at least good point is that now you’ve talked about yourself instead putting others in embarrassing question 🙂


      • I understand the nuisance and inconvenience I caused to you by posting stupid embarrassing comments, will a sorry work?


        • Hmmm… good point! But I guess an apology mail may work and you be forgiven!
          No hardfeelings, just one simple lession – What you don’t want for yourself, you should not throw at others, right?



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