Learn to Digest everything around

We may see ourselves as an individual entity but in reality we are a part of big complex cosmic system. All the knowledge and guidance on choices to make is already available within us as we are a small but still a complete prototype of this big system. This is reason humans have attained a status equivalent to God if we turn back the pages of religion and human history. 

One such learning is – “Digestion“. I understand it is hard to believe if digestion can be a learning but this doubt stays only until you don’t apply it to following nature systems, see yourself:

Refer Physical system, inability to digest food result in making you Sick,

Refer Materialism, inability to digest an excess of money result in making you extravagant and inclined to show-off,

Refer Social communication, inability to digest secrets result in back-biting and bitching,

Refer Emotional system, inability to digest sorrows result in depression &

inability to digest luxuries and happiness result in sinful incline of mind and body,

Refer Social Status system, inability to digest admiration and appreciation results in ego,

Refer Love, inability to accept/digest lots of true love, result in doubt and mistrust,

Refer Future, inability to envision/digest the uncertainties, result in anxiety

What is your opinion?



4 thoughts on “Learn to Digest everything around

  1. Refer to love, inability to accept/digest lots of true love, resulting in doubt and mistrust..
    Refer to Future, inability to digest the unknown-future, resulting in anxiety..

    Wish we learnt digesting and in other terms accepting some realities, people whom we love as we they are, loving them the way they are, digesting the fact they are human, a complete universe in their own.

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