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Dear Porn,

You are one of the greatest teacher and entertainer.  Without you it was almost impossible to enrich our vocabulary and correct the spellings of amateur, athletic, dominate, homemade, slapping, voyeurism.

All Redhead, Blonde and Brunette were never so popular before you started using them as adjectives in most viewed tags and categories. 

You helped in educating people and bringing races together through interracial and eradicating in-discrimination through Orgy.

You only educated people how kitchen, stairs, beaches, dormitory, garden, clinic can be utilized for so many other meaningful purposes.

Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter,  Delivery Boys, Doctor, Interviewer, Baby-sitter, cop, driver and mechanic; they all have insisted to convey their heartfelt thanks to you for giving them such huge opportunities and fame. However Engineers, Bankers, Lawyers and Judges were very unhappy about this bias and are planning to sue you for this. Strawberry, Ice-cream & Banana sellers have conveyed their heartfelt thanks to you, they are a porn lover’s ultimate snack choice. Tatoo, (cat) piercing, choking, (donkey) hitting, foot licking are no more bad guys/gals thing, they all are thankful for bringing them in mainstream 🙂 . 


You taught us what hardcore really means by teaching the concepts of dominatrix, slave, rough, forced. Though we are still trying to understand, why you extended your teachings to cartoons, is it your intention to teach adults that cartoons can also be source of adult fun?


You changed people’s fantasy and admiration a wide spectrum of creativity – from star, moon, rain, tree, river, jungle, angel, prince, princess it changed to Cuckold, hand cuffed, blind-fold, POV, MILF, BBW, SSBBW, FFA, COF, DP & GILF.


Not sure why Donkey, Cat, Bitch and Rooster were sharpening and oiling that long wood stick, probably they did not like your idea of making them popular without asking their consent; if you’ve forgotten I can help you in reminding that Ass, Pussy & Cock used to be their nick names. Talking about them in open is considered as Vulgar. So maintain distance from them and keep yourself safe.


Yours sincerely

World Wide Audience


If one day selling or producing porn becomes illegal, then all cult bloggers, writers may get fined/jailed for posting/writing videos, articles, photographs, dresses, fit bodies, sexy workouts, beauty tips and thoughts to cater to an excessive, irresistible desire for or interest in something which is the official definition of porn.

If you have ever watched porn in life –  hit like, subscribe or comment (for porn sake 🙂 🙂 )

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