Enigma of attraction

Restless wanderer is tired of running around,

as heart do not rest until the lost half is met,

to achieve the complementing equilibrium of the energy,

some in desire to receive and some aroused to offer,

as scratching never cured itching,

though it often make it worse,

still the pleasure is in-describable ,

same way we move around as pole,

waiting to hit the complementing pole(s),

When destiny bring us around then colorful Magnet magic of affinity get activated,

some call it enigma of attraction, some says union of affinities and for others it is love spell!




5 thoughts on “Enigma of attraction

  1. ” Unless it’s mad passionate and crazy it’s a waste of time
    Many things in life are mediocre , love shouldn’t be one among them ” #copied
    Can’t study
    So romantic this piece isπŸ™ˆ

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