First Night

Ever since I turned into adolescent,
And learned wild things from teen friend,
I had this desire,
burning inside like a wild-fire,
but dreams have to be earned,
success and my aim is what I was concerned,
I worked really hard and my commitment was firm,
Destiny got pleased and agreed on my term,
One day she came across,
like a mermaid with a gloss,
I did not waste time and pulled the opportunity in arms,
It did not take that long and magic worked like charm,
D-day to decide,
time to see destiny as bride,
I fled out to the venue,
mind filled with colorful menus,
Reached my hotel at night
slept in decorated cozy suite really tired and tight,
great was that vacation and contented was that first night

(… My first travel opportunity abroad to my most favorite overseas destination where I  happened to reach at night 🙂 )

@Facebook(Vivid Tales)


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