Blogging – 5 honest tips

I am not very experienced when it comes to skilled blogging, but there are few simple things which do not require rocket-science level expertise to understand but still the basics are the most ignored items – in all areas of life, isn’t it? I am pretty sure it works and want to share these experiences/learning with you assuming it may be of some use to you (at least in terms of reminding the basics)

Enjoy & Speak Well but Listen too

How will you feel if somebody is talking to you non-stop but refuse to listen you (when you speak they don’t pay heed). This is no different from social life, assume if you congratulate, wish, appreciate someone and they do not turn back or respond back. Will you go back to them again?


Reciprocate the Gesture

You may be a big time blogger or subject matter expert receiving lots of admiration and appreciation. But isn’t it fair to consider about your readers, they may be great artist in their area too. Give yourself a chance to read others and appreciate but only if you feel like (fake appreciation is a waste effort). I have seen excellent fitness bloggers who writes super good but their statistics shows they write for themselves only  – Nobody read them because they don’t read others.


Better Presentation

I am myself very bad at that but can not deny this is probably the entry door like a super sale hoarding 😀 . Better visuals, images, videos, introduction and much more to explore. One honest tip is to keep the theme simple, you will find many blogs with 100 of images and even if you want to like or comment you’ll have to struggle how to that. Try to choose something of choice which is simple too.


Be Honest in your posts

Our brain knows only what we have gone through already or the dreams we have seen so far. So it is okay to write on something after being inspired but avoid copying it, the fact should come from you only and it should reflect your unique personal opinion just like signature. Afterwards leave it to audience if they like or hate!


Be Honest in your comments

Last but not the least, consider a scenario by assuming you are in a very vulnerable situation needing money or help and you write a post for that seeking help from your readers.  Funny part is what you’ll get most of the times is Likes, no comments and no help. This is just like going to somebody’s funeral or visit in hospital and mocking them by saying Wow..I liked it. Isn’t it a blunder? This happens for a simple reason – you press like without even reading to grab the attention without wasting your precious time and assuming others to read, follow and appreciate you or may be at-least give a like back in exchange. Both of the likes ends up in waste.



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7 thoughts on “Blogging – 5 honest tips

  1. I am sure I am going to come here more often.
    This blog seems I am reading myself, which is written 1000 times better than I could. This summer will definitely learn to write better..

    Thank you for great tips. Though, sorry for bombarding you with comments.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your suggestion to actually read the blogs of others. I like the notion that you should do more than just read, you should comment and interact. This is the thing that makes writing into communication. I wrote novels to put away in my closet for many years. That didn’t make me a real writer. That made me one of those marginally crazy people that the rest of us spend lots of time worrying about. It is important to do what you are doing and reach out to readers with more than just words and sentences. But you also have to understand, I probably didn’t read this blog post and I didn’t leave a comment because I don’t engage with other writers nearly enough. …Or maybe that is supposed to be a joke. It is hard to tell with me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your thoughts. Seeing this kind of interaction gives the satisfaction that it is not a robotic press like without even reading it and atleast there is some person who has heard what you said – no matter we are in agreement or not! Thanks again and stay in touch! 👍😊

      Liked by 1 person

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