Corporate Life – Fun facts decoded

Decoding the hidden truths of corporate life – these are weird but its fun & fact both

  1. Most efficient people are burdened with most work. If Boss is generous he can arrange some extra peanuts for this hard work.                                                                          peanuts
  2. Your interests, inclinations and financial/career aspirations, who cares! System is meant to use you wherever it suits.
  3. You were always responsible for your work so you thought I’ll climb the higher ladder and enjoy there. But now you will be held accountable for other people performance too and sometimes you have nothing to do with them. 😀
  4. You will be given chance to work on every other thing except your core skills; you were hired for.
  5. Whenever there is a problem, corporate have one solution – meetings and conferences. Between whom? These are people who knows least about the ground issue but they talk (bullshit) and fight a lot. Fun fact is that majority of the meetings end up with no results but with lots of action items and that too for people who are not even part of these meetings.
  6. If You are lenient and generous your boss will hate you. If You are aggressive and perfectionist get ready to be hated by your peers and subordinates. You have to taste Hatred in both cases, after all love has never been an easy thing?  🙂
  7. You don’t get what you deserved until you scream for it.
  8. If you give extra time to office don’t expect appreciation but if you don’t give extra time get ready to be condemned.                                                   xtime
  9. Most critical and diligent workers end up spending life with their bosses as assistants. Boss need them as part of survival strategy whereas happy-go-lucky-funny-bad-guys-gals get all the golden opportunities to on sites, travel and multiply their earning.
  10. Majority of the corporate mails are meant to be deleted just by seeing their subject line and everybody does that.
  11. A point comes when you become corporate mature and you will now change/take up new jobs just for one thing – Money and security. money     And finally –
  12. No matter where you stand in that long corporate ladder whenever a beautiful Damsel joins, the most lucky guy get the chance to be the boss/peer, rest all envy! 😀 😀

sec                 secr

25 thoughts on “Corporate Life – Fun facts decoded

    • Never! because our office follows a smart policy to curb this situation. Good looks or x factor is a remote possibility, company follows a strict policy of hiring not even an average looking girl. In summary there is not even a single average looking girl in our company and consequently this last scenario stands resolved in our case.! What about your experience… “Sick” seems a serious name, wish all is well with you?


  1. Sometimes I get so freaked out like I don’t want to get married…I don’t want to go to someone else’s home..I want to stay at my dad’s home forever ..I don’t know whether I like rich guys or not ..I mean I like good looking guys but I like luxury too sometimes …but I don’t spend a lot of money so a good looking guy who is not rich will do for me
    But what if I become spendthrift in future…and then I regret not getting into relationship with a rich Guy.I dont want to grow up..
    I don’t want to live in a small home.(given a choice I like spacious places and coming back home to a beautiful place from work and also it shows you have worked hard in life and saved money..and let go of petty pleasures for a big investment… like big homes)…but I like smart guys too and I also get them easily…but today I am getting them what if tomorrow I don’t get any..when I want?
    #always confused


    • I can see quite a depth in this comment of yours and I would love to give my opinion on same if you allow. One curiousity if you want to be honest – Do you know me already by name or face?


    • Cool…so basically you are struggling with the idea of marrying or not just for the sake of tradition and everyone else doing it. This actually happens when people are bound to choose partners without presence of love. All that left is materialism – a trade or negotiation of good looks, money or big luxury house.
      IMHO one should marry only when they feel love and the meanwhile follow your passion, earn luxuries and make yourself independent in every possible way! Love will knock door at the right time!


  2. What if I love the guy but when I see people around him rich and start feeling bad for myself
    ….it’s only cause we see more we want more?


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