Don’t be fooled and over-excited

Religion is a belief system which was meant to guide human being in the era when there was no policing, constitution, justice system or established social norms. It was meant to help and guide people but something else is happening these days all over the world.

Not denying the existence of Almighty, truly believe there is supreme power running this entire universe who is far beyond our understanding. Your almighty, their almighty, my almighty – all are one.

Things were fine except existence of some politically motivated extremists until the social media became so popular during some last 5 years. After that negative use of social media took all the responsibility of spreading hatred in the name of politics, ethnicity, sex and religion.

We can’t blame social media which is just a technology and capable of doing wonders to mankind, it is vicious intentions of negative mind who are actually leveraging it to its fullest potential to spread as much hatred as they can.

It has become a pain to visit your social media profile where news are moulded by paid media to serve their masters, NOT A SINGLE ONE IS AN EXCEPTION. It is an industry, where TRP is currency.

It is not difficult to cite morons of different religion name calling and abusing each other, their Gods, Prophets, messengers for a petty stupid discussions. People are literally abusing, un-friending their childhood or college friends just because they don’t support the political leader or political party of their choice. Being aware, participant and vocal is good but if you start opposing things which doesn’t go your way – it is called anarchy and anti-social behavior.
Hatred spread Hatred, is it a very difficult concept to understand?

Which religion told that I am supreme over other and to abuse other religions? In case, If there is any such religion – it could be a religion of morons and this is destined to be doomed with all its moron followers. Most stupid thing is that these followers has never took the trouble to read and understand their religion, it’s a herd race.

Keep aside country like north Korea, if there is a democratic system that let people choose what they want and then once elections are over everybody rest in peace showing trust in elected government. Who knows tomorrow it will be the time to say them Goodbye or may be opponents will start liking them.

I have decided not to participate in any religious or political discussion on any social media platform, everybody has right and they have their own political and religious views and these views should be personal. No abuse, no disrespect to any person, religion, political party and so on. Fuck off social media debates.

Don’t want to win a petty argument at the cost of losing a human relationship.

Love, peace and respect to all!



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