Spirituality & Mirages

Over the past few decades being ‘Spiritual‘ is a concept which is gaining popularity across the world. More and more people are joining the brigade and the community is growing really fast. What is the driving force behind this motivation or may be compulsion affecting such large group of people?

Spirituality is definitely a way of identifying yourself and living in harmony, it can be understood as a synonym of alignment and happiness. It is a precaution and at the same time cure as well.

What has suddenly triggered the need of spirituality and consciousness?

Isn’t the prevailing unhappiness, dissatisfaction, depression, frustration and failure all coming out of one thing majorly – Fake ?

We are living in a world where fakeness has replaced everything natural.

Warm welcome and cute smiles in shopping stores is fake,

Admiration and appreciation is fake,

Greeting, congratulations and consoling is fake,

Forget ‘Thank you’ even ‘Sorry’ has become fake,

Care and concern for partner, parents, friends and relatives has become fake,

the luxuries and status built on deep neck loans and credit cards is fake,

People fakely appreciate others just to buy some fake appreciation for themselves in return, for some fake self-satisfaction which gives some fake happiness, isn’t it?

People should understand each time when they idolize their neighbour, social circle based on their assets, money, cars and power status – not only the respect they give is fake, the dissatisfaction and self-pity they develop themselves is fake too.

When everyone is surrounded by such a huge stack of fakeness, you find yourself in a Fakeland. Interesting part is that in Fakeland, fakeness is “the natural” and poor natural becomes fake.

People find themselves lost, they keep on following what everyone else is doing – they run, they smile, they dress, acquire assets, create social circle, make love and finally the peace and happiness.

But each time they attain this peace and happiness in Fakeland, it does not last long and they again find themselves in worry, self-pity, depression, anger and frustration. And then they see everybody is running after Spirituality. But the funny part is that – seems like Fakeland has its own recipe of Spirituality which can not give a lasting peace.

We must understand the peace and harmony we are looking for is our  ‘natural state’ and it is mutually exclusive to ‘Fakeness’. This is a two-way road and call is yours –

Take the road of justifying the need of this fakeness or you may even try to justify this fakeness as reality. There is nothing wrong in it but expecting reality in Fakeland is not fair!


you follow the road to shift the perception of seeing things in more natural, true and natural way. People need to identify and spot all the fakeness in and around themselves and take the road to reality. This is the way to home and Spirituality works best here!



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