How to De-clutter and increase positive energy

There is a hidden energy in all living being which triggers the feeling of attraction, compassion, inspiration, motivation, love, hate, anger, fear, turn-off and turn-on inside us when we come across a complete stranger.

In the same way all non-living beings (furniture, paintings, TV, fridge, bed etc.) also have a positive or negative energy associated with them. Some of these energies are not absolute and their impact is relative based on who is experiencing them – like for some people music is a turn on and for others it is headache.

Now as everything is a form of energy, so there should be a smart and diligent way of arranging it around. If you arrange it smartly your surroundings seem beautiful, inspiring and peaceful. If you lose control it may be seen in the form of mess and clutter.

None of us like to live in mess and clutter but we still observe it around. It makes us feel tired, depressed, take away the positive energy and may make you poor too.

What does it indicate?

That mess and clutter has taken control over you in life and you’re not able to deal with it. Clutter will not stop here, it starts with your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, cupboard and soon enters deep into other dimensions of your life – love, health, wealth, office.

What to do?

Reclaim control over your surroundings by getting rid of dust, litter, messed sheets, unused and unwanted articles, unpleasant statues, chipped dishes and so on.

All you need to do is your part by putting your surroundings in order and soon universe will follow and everything else will start falling in right place.

How to do?

If you like one recommended order to clean your surroundings may be –

  1. Attack those thick layers of dust
  2. Identify clutter in obsolete items to throw out
  3. De-clutter all identified clutter
  4. Vaccum your furniture
  5. Time to clean mirrors and window glasses
  6. Arrange/Re-arrange things in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room
  7. Use your creativity and Decorate the way you like
  8. Finally don’t forget to clean yourself &

Time to enjoy in your paradise with peace, happiness and luck 😀

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