Magic Mantra – Breathe

We all go through different moods and phases in life, some are meant to be cherished, some are ordinary and remaining of them meant to test what we’ve got inside us. We really don’t have much control there, isn’t it?

There is a secret trick (only if you trust and give chance) to help fight any adverse situation or in trouble  – if someone yelling, spreading negativity, sudden losses, excitement of blind dates, unexpected wild encounters and unfortunate incidents. One thing you’ll notice in all these situations – a shallow and uncontrollable fast breath. You can’t control the situation but you can control the reverse – the breath aka life force.

So that secret is really simple but immensely powerful – breathe, breathe and breathe.

It has the power to control your emotions, your brain and in turn your neurological and cardiovascular system.

When you find yourself in midst of panic or any other pressure just leverage the calming benefits of steady long relaxed inhalations and exhalations.

Rule is simple

Whenever you are under any sort of panic, watch your breath and you’ll find it shallow, short and fast. You can’t control situations, luck, destiny but at least you can try to control your breath.

Take control of your emotion by taking control of your breathing. Focus and take control of your breath, once it will be in control you’ll find everything has automatically fallen in “control“.


Give it a try to share your experience/feedback!


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