Sub-conscious who lives down the lane

We all have heard about sub-conscious mind but do we really know anything more than that?

It will not be an exaggeration if we say our sub-conscious mind is our real self. And until we are not introduced to this power house, how could we even harness its limitless power.

First we have to understand that our mind works at two levels:

  • Conscious Mind
  • Sub-Conscious Mind (do not get confused by “sub”, this is the real master)

Of course when there are two minds there should be a bride in between because our body, mind and heart is complex machinery that works in a union and synergy. So lets call the bridge between them as Filter.

Lets have a quick view of functions our conscious and sub-conscious mind performs for us:

Conscious mind (Front office) looks after

  • Will Power – I’ll drink 8 glass of water everyday
  • Temporary Memory or Routine memory – remember names of loved ones, colleagues, route to office, market, grocery shop, comparative price of products etc.
  • Analytical power
  • Logical thinking/reasoning (real source)

Now there is an another mind one level down i.e. Sub-conscious mind (Home) and it looks after

  • Habits – Next time when chew nails or scratch your tummy, do remember it your sub-conscious mind.
  • Emotions – How you feel at certain times, weather, place or situation.
  • Permanent Memory/Belief system – Everything that has happened to us ever, everything means everything!! Provided it has been recorded (by letting it enter the gate by Conscious mind) even if we don’t remember it in logical mind we can relive to any memory. This same concept forms the basis of past life regression.

The “primary” function/source of Conscious mind is LOGIC and for Sub-Conscious mindit is “IMAGINATION”.

Whenever there is a fight between LOGIC and IMAGINATION, who wins? Lets try with an example You saw a property to live in but it appears haunted to you, frightful, unlucky but logic say it is a good deal. Or you are in love with someone but your Parent suggest to forget your lover and replace him with a potential match best fitting in all aspects logically?

When Logic fights Imagination => Winner is always imagination/Sub-conscious mind.

Our conscious mind tries to control our sub conscious mind by drawing source from its will power and try to monitor and suppress Sub conscious habits and emotions. But you know very well, can emotions really be controlled by disciplined or force?

On the other side Imagination has a weakness that it can not differentiate what is true or not true? So for Imagination everything appears to be true.

Now in order to tackle this the filter bridge comes in between and it allows only those filtered contents to be recorded in sub conscious mind which are logically approved by Conscious mind.

When we say initial few years in a person’s life are most critical or productive the reason is they are in sub-conscious state during first few initial years 0-7 almost all the time because they are yet not conditioned or programmed for logic.They believe all the stories you tell them and imagine them. They are “themselves” not a superficial logical wrapper like a grown up adult.

So When you see a movie, your logical mind knows very well that this is not real but still you decide to focus (meditate) on movie and keep aside conscious mind and filter, gates to your sub-conscious mind opens up and everything start getting into your sub conscious mind and consequently you start laughing, crying and feeling the emotions and you keep the memories with you always as it is a permanent memory.

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