Our Parents

Addressed to a child hiding behind your maturity, sincerity and loads of responsibilities….

My Father is a hero, a benchmark and a role model for me, a person who has sacrificed his joys and faced difficulties unconditionally all because he saw his image in his children. I always try to copy him but can’t match and I am sure I won’t be able to do that. When in pursuit of being independent, I tried everything but ended up feeling lost and weak, he was my last source of support and strength. No matter if he succeed or not but his mere presence is an ultimate source of strength with which I can face any challenge of life. I am not saying people don’t live  without their father but having a father is a blessing and is no less than God’s presence.

Then there is an another face of God who actually gave me birth, my first connection, my first teacher, my protector and source of all what I have.  The bond with her is unconditional and the ultimate truth of life. All what I have today, all what I know, all my manners, my appreciations, somewhere its all because of you Mom.

Our parents are God’s presence in our life, you may like them or dislike them but exist because of them.

No matter what’s our religion,  nation or any other discrimination possible, be it animal or human – parents are our first God.

Dedicated to all the parents…


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