Fitness advice – Things which gets ignored because they are simple.

When we follow a tough goal (emotional or  physical) our system is programmed to think of the most difficult threat to overcome or knowledge to crack the most complex part. For instance, an aspiring bodybuilder or fitness seeker is mostly centered around – workouts, diet plans, proteins and other supplements. A beauty expert will not set her eye off the products, brands, tips and gadgets. Somebody on a weight loss spree is centered around calories, diet and cardio workouts.

Don’t you feel while doing this, we miss out on some really simple things; Simple but Important, they are no less significant than the big things. Unfortunately we take these things for granted. Here are some simple things, we may or may not be missing out, but it definitely deserves a quick check:

  • If you are into fitness or bodybuilding and consuming large quantities of supplements, creatine and protein powder but not paying attention to large intakes of water then instead of helping you are actually torturing your kidneys and liver and inviting some serious diseases. Make sure to increase additional intake of water when you are on these supplements.


  • If you love training your upper body, shoulder and biceps you’re doing great to achieve those killing looks but no if you are ignoring equivalent lower body training. When you train your lower body, not only it adds to your overall look and completeness but it increase the healthy secretion of your growth hormones – bonus beauty for women and bonus muscles for men.


  • When you see your belly growing suddenly in 30s, it may be an indication of slower growth hormones – testosterone and estrogen for males and females respectively. It’s fine to rely on green tea, tablets, cardio but if you will work towards focusing on your growth hormone you may get back your fitness dramatically. Focus on activities or workouts which keeps your lower body, stomach, thighs and leg active most of the time like walking, running or at least make sure of not sitting in one stretch for more than half/an hour.


  • If you are on strict weight loss diet regime, kudos to the discipline you maintains but please check if you are starving because it will eventually slow down your metabolism and pull you away from the desired result and in worst case it may give opposite results.


  • Those face massages, hair massages adds a lot to your beauty and there is no doubt about it, but your hairs, outer skin and nails they grow at a higher rate than rest of the body cell and they are first one to tell about any deficiency. You need to check if you are taking sufficient vitamins, minerals and of course water.


  • If you have to eat like a whale during intense training sessions, please check you chew it to your level best and those big protein scoop are not digestible in big quantities. In one meal your body can extract 24-25 grams of proteins only and rest all is going to get waste – either as an useless burden to your digestive system or you may pee it off your expensive protein powder down the gutter.


  • Our ancestors did not have shampoos and conditioners but still they managed to maintain healthy hair and passed it on to our generations, so please check overdoing chemicals on your skin and hairs as the cost of beauty should not be on the cost of their health. You may think to include good quantities of green leafy vegetables, almonds, natural cleansers, external oil treatment, intake of vitamins and mineral to keep them happy naturally.




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