Deja Vu Smile

Once my 3-year-old daughter went to school picnic, after returning home she was looking very tired and sad but she was trying to hide it. I had a great intuition that something is going on in her mind but I did not let her realize my doubt.

After she took some rest, I initiated a conversation with her through this story –
When I was 7 years my family was going through some tough financial situation but my father always used to keep smile and laughter on face, always cracking jokes despite of all odd situation. He did not let any trouble touch our family. If I had to describe him in one word – I will say Lion, his courage and energy is unmatched. Those days he was working hard on a project and after much patience one evening he got the fee and came home with a note of 500 Rs.

This was a big amount those days. Everybody was so relieved and happy that all pending dues, bills, fee will be taken care of now. He gave me that 500 Rs note and sent me to shop in our community shop to buy a packet of curd (yoghurt) for Rs.2. He said – “Son, Be careful this is big money, once you’ll be back with change of Rs.498 I’ll give you Rs.2 for pocket-money” and I was extremely happy about that. Same way my mother and sister were happy too as they too were going to get long-awaited pocket-money.

But as soon as I reached the shop, I realized there was a tear in my pocket and I lost that money somewhere on the way. I searched a lot but no luck. I was crying with all my heart and was shaking with fear because I ruined the moment of happiness in my family which came after so long. I reached home like a criminal, washed my tears and told my mother the whole thing. She got upset and worried saying, we have to pay so many dues and you ruined it but in the meanwhile she was thinking how to tell my father about this.

suddenly my father arrived and asked where is the curd, I was silent and petrified. He asked why am I so silent? I could not hold my tears and broke down. I told him everything and was expecting a slap on my face for the first time in life.

But what he did was completely opposite to it – he hugged me, he was smiling and having tears at the same time. He said – so what if you lost it mistakenly probably it was destined to be lost, it’s not your fault but next time get your pocket stitched and we all laughed at that. He told me so many stories of his childhood and how my grandfather never scolded him for the unintentional mistakes.

So here I completed my story and my daughter hugged me crying – saying Dad I too have lost something expensive today – my favorite watch which you brought me from U.S., I tried to search it a lot but I could not find it.

I said – So what, probably it was destined to be lost, don’t lose heart! I’ll buy you an another one.

That day I had same childhood smile on my face and its source was the teachings and values inherited into me through generations.

Remember and honor,

who have come and gone before you,

because they had a hand in,

shaping who you are!

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