The hidden driving force behind your writing talent

Astrology is a vast topic and no single article or book is capable of covering its detail fully. So I can’t even think of attempting it, but this being a close to heart subject, I am attempting to write an informative and interesting astrology insights which applies to the area of Writing and Communication. This is all about the authors and writers who loves writing on vast range of topics and different style. If we talk about writing, we have to talk about none other than this green beautiful planet – Mercury.

Mercury in astrology is best described as – planet of Communication, innovation, Entrepreneurship, Storytelling. If you are a writer, poet, communicator, author of a novel and enjoy writing by choice – not matter how big or small then there is definitely an aspect of mercury on you which is the driving force behind your writing. This is the planet which gives the art of articulating and transforming emotions, thoughts and experiences into writing.

Excluding professional writers who are sometimes bound to write on certain topics for the sake of business, all natural authors are inclined towards certain topics which are close to their heart. Though Mercury alone can give the writing skills and it is responsible for developing curiosity needed in a writer but in order to determine the writer’s areas of interest or success some more aspects are to be analyzed:

  • Mercury conjunction/aspects with other planets
  • Strength of house of communication and its lord

At a broad level a writer’s interest can be easily determined by finding the sign type where mercury is placed in his horoscope. If Mercury is placed in a

  • Earth sign
    • inclination towards serious/non-fiction and practical topics.
  • Water sign
    • inclination towards romance, love, romantic poetry and quotes.
  • Fire sign
    • inclination towards adventure and travelling.
  • Air sign
    • inclination towards literature and market.

Let’s move further to analyze in more detailed manner so look out for some really interesting insights how different conjunctions with mercury impacts one’s writing interest:

Mercury aspects Moon

The writer loves to write about the thoughts originated from state of emotions (ups and downs) he is going through in the form of short stories, moodiness, imaginative stories, body languages, short poems related to their state of mind (which is always changing 😉 ).  They don’t care if there is any rational behind what they write, they just follow their heart.

Mercury aspects Mars

Inclined to write about how/why to attain power, medicines, and bodybuilding, fighting/combat tips and defense topics.

Mercury aspects Jupiter

Inclined to write about spirituality, universal consciousness, education, religion, divine wisdom and guidance. A really good combination to be a successful/adorable writer who not only writes but write to help others.

Mercury aspects Venus

The writer who write mostly about beauty, romance, women, fashion, home decoration, erotic poems. If the aspect turns little bit off way writer enjoys writing and sketching porn and erotica.

Mercury aspects Saturn

The writer loves writing about social issues, revolution, fighting for poor people, raising awareness about social evils, need for justice.

Mercury aspects North Node

This aspect can have further interesting aspects when more planets join in but one thing is promised when North Node comes then things become Taboo-breaking. These are the writers who write about all unusual topics or out of the world idea. They challenge the existing belief system like writing against Love or religion or history or marriage and most of the time they create illusion and distraction in the life of their reader with their out of the box writing powers.

So dear writers and Bloggers – Happy Writing!

If you’ve come this far and have any feedback on the article, please don’t hesitate in leaving the comment.


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