Comparison facts – Men v/s Women

  1. Women are proven multi-taskers v/s Men are good in dealing with one thing at a time.
  2. Women matures much faster than men.(It is yet to be confirmed by a married man)
  3. Women like shopping v/s Men hates it –
    Send a men and women to buy A black T-shirt – Man will be back with a black T-shirt v/s Women will have matching Trouser, Jeans, underwear, socks and…..
  4. During intimacy Men can not talk v/s women can discuss the lovely weather, next day food menu, parlor appointment. huhhh…Multi-taskers!
  5. Women’s one of the way of revenge is silence v/s hey for Men it is a bonus 😉 . Double Bonus!!
  6. Weird but true: Men’s magazines feature pictures of naked beauties v/s same is the case with women’s magazines. Men need better sales and marketing.
  7. If a Men says he is ready to go out he means it, next 15 minutes and he will be in car but, but, but if a women says so please take a contingency delay of 2-3 hours.
  8. Women will dress up for shopping, picking phone calls, cooking, opening the door, gardening, walking v/s men will dress up for office and weddings.
  9. Women are more likely to suffer from mood disorders v/s men are more likely to suffer from neurological disorders.
  10. Women indulge in sex as the outcome of emotions v/s men indulge in emotions as the outcome of sex.
  11. When it comes to foreplay women like good half an hour foreplay, may be a massage, music v/s men believe keeping it straight to the point.
  12. Though Men do have higher sex drive v/s women can have sex more.
  13. Who enjoys intimacy more – No proven facts but if your ear is itching and you rub it with your finger, who gets relieved – I guess ear of-course!!

Do share feedback or if you come across any more points!


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