24 Psychology fun facts

  1. When we cry tears of joy, teardrop come from the right eye whereas tears of pain come from left eye.
  2. If you have crush on someone, your brain will have difficulty to lie to that person.
  3. Criticizing others actually originates from low self esteem.
  4. People who swear a lot tends to be more loyal and honest.
  5. Choosing to stay quite often means the lack of trust that other person is really ready to hear your thoughts.
  6. Sleep is a self-cultivating process. The more you sleep, more you tend to crave for.
  7. Psychologically it takes only 4 minutes to fall in love with someone.
  8. Your all time favorite songs are your favorites because they are associated with an emotional event of your life.
  9. Biochemical effect of love is no different from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  10. When two lovers gaze, their heart rates automatically Synchronize.
  11. Bio-chemically an attractive face is preferred over attractive body.
  12. Dilated pupil is a signal of attraction.
  13. Happiness is contagious, it is difficult to walk away from someone who is happy.
  14. Women find a men attractive if they see other women smiling at them
  15. Couples that are either too similar or too different are not likely to last very long
  16. Heartbreak is real – real physical pain.
  17. Frustration attraction is the term that means that the individual who was dumped once tends to fall in love with another person who will dump them even more
  18. Crush that lasts for more than 4-5 months is actually love.
  19. Length of your tongue indicates your sexual curiosity, try to touch your nose with your tongue
  20. Missing someone is a psychological indication that you love them
  21. Deeper feelings are harder to express.
  22. Violent homes have same impact on children’s brain as combat has on soldiers.
  23. You tried number 19, that was funny!
  24. You are smiling now



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