Seed of wisdom

Be in the company of fearful person & you’ll be convinced why to be feared,
Be with a brave heart & he will teach you how to overcome fear,
Be in the company of a  Doctor & you will learn about medicines and cure,
Be in the company of a soldier & he will instill pride, courage and valor,
Be in the company of thug & he will show you easy ways to cheat people,
Be in the company of a criminal & he will show you why it is not bad to commit crime,
Be with a hater and he will fill your heart with hatred,
An animal lover will change your heart to feel compassion for animals,

Be with a lover and you will experience how to love and feel loved.

Every change of choice has an equivalent energy transformation associated with it. It is the aura of energies we choose consciously or unknowingly and that makes all the difference. As you sow, shall you reap – bitter or sweet. Isn’t it?

Try to apply this law to our present day experiences, depression, fear, trauma, happiness, success, failures, achievements, communities, belief system, social rules, leaders, haters and even religions, probably we can get a corrected perception to uncover the truth and reality behind these!


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