True Art comes from Anonymous self

When we start writing our thoughts on social blogging platform, we are aimed at sharing our thoughts with world and want to know their reactions including dis-approvals and corrections, invite like-minded readers, make connections, get feedback, approvals and appreciations in the form of likes and comments. Still many of the writers compromise by choosing to keep their identity anonymous for some obvious and unavoidable reasons. This is a package of both profit and loss but still this is the only affordable package for them.

These are some of the core reasons which may compel the writer in you to go as anonymous:

  1. Because you want to express your point of view without hurting your loved ones especially when they are open to new ideas but only when its not yours.
  2. Because you want to respond to their harsh and hurting one-sided opinion by venting out your suppressed frustration but saying it directly may mar the peace in your family.
  3. Because you are a part of big social circle and need to adjust with people of different set of beliefs and opinions. Not knowing the expression is yours they will not make a heck out of it.
  4. Because you want to share about your ups-downs, experience, vulnerabilities and you don’t want your subordinates, superiors, clients, vendors and neighbours to use your weaknesses against you,
  5. Because you want to express your bare thoughts spanning from your fears, relations, failures, love, sex, diseases – anything and everything your wild mind bring up and at the same time you want to keep your family life private.
  6. Lastly when its anonymous there will be no fake appreciation, presumptions and judgement based on vested interest and profit/loss. Article is going to be the only relationship criteria in readers club.

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