Soul’s desire – Atmakaraka

Each soul born or unborn at a given point of time has a certain purpose(s) to achieve which requires certain mediums (like human body), experiences (sacrifices, learning, sufferings, enjoyment, missions etc.) and decision makings.


I’ll try to make it simpler:

  • Mediums = Rebirth
  • Experiences = accumulated Karma (good or bad)
  • Decision Making = Present Karma capable of choosing one out of various optional path offered by Destiny

Every conscious thought or thoughtful action is our creation which is like a seed and with its inception a seed of karma is planted on the soil of our soul. Every action has an appropriate reaction which is apt for soul learning too. The ultimate aim of this principle is to cleanse the soul by taking it through the needed path (liberation) whereas we always long for desired path (bondage). This is the actual reason why we actually struggle between the life offerings and our desires.

In short each soul is attached with various unfinished desires from various past lives and lesson of the life is to learn, overcome and master it. Astrology allows us to know the soul’s desire by determining ATMAKARAKA (soul significator) i.e. the planet in the birth chart with highest degree. This act as a King of the birth chart with Amatya Karaka as the prime minister.

Once the Atmakaraka is known, following is a simple reference to soul desires and its recommended learning:

Atmakaraka Planet Bondage (soul tries to achieve) Liberation (soul learnings)
Sun Success, Fame, Power Let go of the ego, humility
Moon Happiness through Love Difference between true and false love
Mars Passion, Victory, Adventure Conceding defeat, patience, unrequited passions
Mercury Intellectual superiority Crossing intellectual barriers, Divine communication, Learning to face the truth
Jupiter Children, Spirituality Tolerating other’s spirituality, wisdom, putting your children before you, For women, imperfect husbands.
Venus Sex, Relationships, Luxury, Sensuality Accepting relationships the way they are, avoiding excessive behavior, controlling sensuality
Saturn Democracy, Duty Facing harsh truths, loneliness
Rahu Achievement, Experience Disappointments, fears, doubts

Because of this difference of desires V/S learning there goes a constant battle in life. Understanding and tune our-self to this expression of universe by means of spirituality, enlightenment or divine guidance (surrendering to Isht Devta or soul’s diety) is an ideal way to approach life.


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