If You Love to be Feared…

then you fear to be loved.

Just like invisible (energy of) air can be sensed as a breeze, (energy of) fragrance can realized through smell, there are other essential unseen energies which crosses our path time to time but as they can not be experienced by 5 physical senses, they either go unnoticed or misunderstood.

One such energy is LOVE, everybody claims to know this – in their words it gives both happiness and pain. Those who are yet to be lucky, are waiting for it to happen with fingers crossed. There are LOVE experts and business house who help people to find LOVE through simple tricks, easy steps, mind games, personality classes, Teddy bears, couple band, heart touching cards and has made love really expensive, so out of range for middle and lower-income group. Higher is the earning, better the quality of LOVE in your life!

There is so much LOVE all around, these lucky creatures love their classmates, neighbor, colleagues, TV stars, crushes, big arms, curvy butts, plastic lips, expensive bags, clothing and an endless list. You lose the thing, you lose the poor LOVE.

Then there is an another definition of love:

Getting attracted, passionately drawn, taking off clothes, smacking naked bodies and have sex is like an easily available pirated copy of only one aspect of LOVE offered at varying cost range in either/combination of money, looks, power , opportunity, situation and social standing.

The original love is little more naked and sexy as

Not only bodies it needs the soul to be opened wide too,

Not only lips it needs a kiss of dreams too,

Not only it’s an intercourse of her pink and his blue but it’s letting the other person’s soul enter in to your thoughts, hopes, fears, traumas and insecurities. And here goes on the real fun of LOVE.

Right person at right place & time in a right way – isn’t it a rare possibility?

But it is what it is – can not be changed and should not be changed?

This is not to judge or criticize beliefs, just a little bit of self retrospection what LOVE we are actually looking for?


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